Dia, what does an Online Marketing Manager do?

Diana Toth, Marketing Manager of Femina.hu, has been a member of the Femina Media team for 4 years. She started her career at the company as an assistant, than she became the portfolio’s Marketing Coordinator. Passing through this position, she is responsible for the magazine’s social media activity and managing the digital and offline campaigns as a Marketing Manager. In her weekdays, she’s also organizing the events of Femina.hu and taking care of the sales support activities of FeminaShop (webshop for women).  


Diána Tóth, Marketing Manager of Femina.hu

Digital marketing programs are becoming more and more popular among college students. What skills and abilities should you have to be successful in this field?

Most people think that a marketer’s main skill is creativity, but besides coming up with campaign ideas, a marketing professional is facing with many challenges. Media planning and optimization of the budget demand accuracy, while analyzing the results and identifying the correlations require an analytical mindset.

It is also important to have excellent communication skills, because in this profession, you have to find the common language with not only your customers, but also with designer and development teams.

 If someone graduates from a marketing focused program, what kind of resources will she/he has?

In my opinion, universities primarily help you to learn and understand a way of thinking, they show you the main guidelines of a profession. By their specifications, you have the opportunity to decide which path you feel the closest, by which field should you evolve yourself. There are some excellent institutions that put great emphasis on practical training, but in my experience, the best and the fastest way to learn is to start working for a good company.

The digital world is a very diverse field, which changes virtually from day to day, so it requires lots of persistence and eagerness to improve yourself. Continuous monitoring of digital trends and the changes of social media is essential, but in addition to self-education, having awesome conversations with Brigi (Brigitta Rácz, director of the Femina Media Portfolio, Ed.) was also a valuable experience for me. I think the key is, to learn something every day, which goes smoothly with a professional leader.


What was your favourite project so far?

Actually, I could highlight awesome projects in each field. In terms of social media management, the launch of Femina’s public Viber account with the sticker pack and chatbot was a very exciting and multifaceted task. We earned nearly 200,000 followers in 2 months and by that we became the leader on the Hungarian media market.

I have really enjoyed the organizational tasks around the Femina Club series. Selecting the sales channels, promoting and coordinating the events were all valuable experiences.


All in all, I can say, that it’s extremely exciting to work for a publisher who, based on its audience, also operates a webshop. That’s why I had the opportunity to plan and create classic advertisements, too, like print ads and TV spots to promote it.

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